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Since James Duke launched the cigarette in 1885 people have been looking for a healthier smoke. Now hemp cigarettes and prerolls are becoming popular as a herbal cigarette alternative.

Some people smoke CBD hemp cigarettes to replace tobacco and nicotine craving. The herbal cigarette could provide a pleasant smoking experience with the CBD mixed with plant terpenes.

Some folks enjoy a CBD smoke on a night out, when they want to be social and party with friends, and smoke something that is non-nicotine.

Some folks enjoy hemp cigarettes when they wish they could be smoking THC cannabis product, but they don’t want to get high, or they can’t smoke marijuana in the state where they live. For those folks, premium CBD prerolls can provide the flavor without the psychoactive commitment.

For all these people and more, there are CBD Cigarettes and Hemp Prerolls that can suit your lifestyle.

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Welcome to an online superstore for the best CBD hemp cigarettes in smokable flower. We collect the best brands and stock the most premium CBD hemp smokes we can keep available in this dynamic hemp prerolls market.

All products legal to ship, no THC. CBD and terpenes vary by product, and products DO NOT contain more than 0.3% of Delta-9 THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) on a dry weight basis and are compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill. Packs may contain any number of individual hemp cigarettes – check our product listings to be sure. If you’re looking for non-smokable hemp CBD products, try the Hemp Shop.

We’re scanning the world for the best CBD Hemp Cigarettes, prerolls, joints, cones – anything portable, discrete, non-tobacco, non-addictive pleasure smoke or smoking cessation aid. We list ’em up on this superstore, and we work hard to keep in stock the best choices we can get our hands on. If you don’t see something in stock. it may or may not come back – the CBD Hemp preroll market is very dynamic and the early leaders are only now emerging.