• Top 6 hemp cigarette brands on the market
    An alternative to both tobacco and high-strength marijuana is now available in a new kind of smokable — hemp cigarettes. Also known as hemp cigs or CBD pre-rolls, these hemp-filled joints serve a specific purpose for different types of smokers. Consumers looking for nicotine cessation aids are using hemp cigs as a healthier substitute for […]
  • What Is CBD Hemp Flower ?
    Smokable CBD-rich hemp flower is cannabis sativa flower with less than .3% of total THC, as defined in the most recent U.S. Farm Bill, passed in December 2018. CBD flower is also nicotine free and offers smokers and vapers a chance to appreciate good flavor, and CBD, cannabidiol. Some smokers take a bit of CBD […]
  • Hemp Cigarettes: A Great-Tasting Smoke
    Turns out alcohol and friends can make someone want to smoke something. Sometimes the ritual and time being huddled up with friends is more important than the act of smoking. Trouble is, reaching for a regular tobacco cigarette can lead to cravings and too much smoking. Now hemp cigarettes offer a pleasant, tasty smoke without […]
  • Do CBD Cigarettes Help Quit Smoking?
    CBD cigarettes are emerging as a popular alternative for long time smokers looking to quit their nicotine craving. Do CBD cigarettes help to quit smoking? Some folks enjoy the experience of smoking something, and now with cbd-rich hemp cigarettes , they have a high-quality, non-addictive, herbal smoke to help them kick their nicotine habit. A […]
  • CBG Flower Prerolls
    As hemp becomes increasingly legal, research on this plant will increase. There are many more cannabinoids coming. One recently discovered compound is called Cannabigerol, or CBG. CBG is Not Psychoactive CBG is like CBD: it doesn’t really get you high. Both CBD and CBG are not psychoactive. Cannabis farmers & bioscientists are now experimenting with […]