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Top 6 hemp cigarette brands on the market


An alternative to both tobacco and high-strength marijuana is now available in a new kind of smokable — hemp cigarettes.

Also known as hemp cigs or CBD pre-rolls, these hemp-filled joints serve a specific purpose for different types of smokers.

Consumers looking for nicotine cessation aids are using hemp cigs as a healthier substitute for tobacco and e-cigarettes.

CBD pre-rolls can help treat nicotine addiction simply by replacing tobacco as a remarkably less damaging form of smoking. Hemp cigs can initially replace the smoking ritual, while consistent doses of CBD can eventually help smokers quit tobacco altogether.

Adults who enjoy using legal cannabis can also use hemp cigarettes as a low-dose option. Legally produced hemp flower contains no more than 0.3% THC — just enough to produce an enjoyably mild sensation.

Hemp flower cigarettes are slowly becoming available in stores that carry CBD products. But anyone looking where to buy CBD hemp pre-rolls can simply order them from the comforts of home.

Many upcoming brands are sold online, and can be shipped to the majority of states that allow hemp distribution.

Here’s a list of the best hemp flower cigarette brands currently on the market.

Best tasting hemp cigarette: LVL Hemp

LVL Hemp is made exclusively with premium California smokable hemp flower. By using cannabis industry technology, LVL Hemp captures the  essence of high-grade strains while remaining under the legal THC limit.

Best hemp cig for light smokers: Lucy’s

Lucy’s packs big flavor in a miniature pre-rolled cone perfect for brief smoke sessions. Each pack includes 7 cigarettes wrapped in hemp paper, complete with a hemp fiber filter. Lucy’s are also 100% natural and biodegradable.

Best hemp cigarette for quitting tobacco: Shaboink Posty OG

This pack of smokes features a branded partnership between grammy-award winning musician Post Malone and the legendary cannabis breeder, Sherbinski’s. Posty OG’s are just right to replace habitual smoking rituals. Each box features cigarette-style packaging with pre-rolls resembling tobacco cigarettes — filter and all.

Best hemp cigarette to smoke in public: Plain Jane

Plain Jane hemp cigs are best for smokers concerned with the offensive smell that usually accompanies the act. Each preroll is rolled into a filtered rice paper using their trademark brand of smooth, near odorless, all natural hemp.

Hemp cigarette with the most variety: Bhang Straights

While the quality of Bhang Straights is similar to those listes, they stand out for their plethora of options. This hemp cig line includes a GDP Mota pack for those who prefer the taste of cannabis, a 1914 Kentucky Blue pack for tobacco smokers, and a box of ERB Durban Menthols for a crisp finish.

Best value hemp cig: Wild Hemp

For many people, a simple hemp cigarette does the trick. These pre-rolls feature an acetate filter and choice hemp testing at 0% THC — all at a price lower than any brand mentioned.

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What Is CBD Hemp Flower ?

Smokable CBD-rich hemp flower is cannabis sativa flower with less than .3% of total THC, as defined in the most recent U.S. Farm Bill, passed in December 2018. CBD flower is also nicotine free and offers smokers and vapers a chance to appreciate good flavor, and CBD, cannabidiol.

Some smokers take a bit of CBD flower and roll their own joint. Some people take a bit of CBD flower and put it in a bowl with THC cannabis. This is especially popular in some European countries such as Switzerland. CBD counteracts the inebriating effects of THC, the psychoactive compound contained in Cannabis. Its extremely important to note that most CBD flower does contain trace amounts of THC.

If you’re vaporizing for medical or flavor reasons, now CBD is available in actual nugs to grind and heat. Fortunately some high quality CBD flower is also conveniently available in pre-rolled CBD hemp cigarettes.

Terpene Rich CBD Flower

The best CBD flower has rich terpenes – the compounds found in many plants that give a great taste and a pleasant smell. These terpenes make CBD flower one of the best herbal smokes. In fact, all the smokable hemp strains are derivatives of marijuana cultivars that have had the THC bred into other cannabinoids, terpenes, and terpenoids. These bred-for-taste strains are far different from hemp traditionally bred for its fiber and stock. That’s why these so-called hempettes, are the best tasting herbal smokes available today.

Call It Functional Flower

CBD flower strains resemble their THC rich counterparts in smell and taste, however not effect. There is no ‘high’ associated with smokable hemp. Hemp cigarettes and CBD pre-rolls are great tasting, nicotine-free smokes for social smokers and tobacco users looking to make the switch. CBD cigarettes provide a daytime ritual break for both soccer moms and folks taking a break at work.

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Hemp Cigarettes: A Great-Tasting Smoke

LVL Hemp smoke share on a beach

Turns out alcohol and friends can make someone want to smoke something. Sometimes the ritual and time being huddled up with friends is more important than the act of smoking. Trouble is, reaching for a regular tobacco cigarette can lead to cravings and too much smoking. Now hemp cigarettes offer a pleasant, tasty smoke without the high of marijuana or the addictiveness of tobacco. The fear of missing out, (on the experience) should never be the reason a non-smoker tries tobacco.

Drinking & Smoking with Friends

Picture this: a few drinks with friends. Someone steps outside to have a smoke. You want to keep chatting with them, so you head out with them.

You enjoy smoking now and then, mostly on weekend nights. Trouble is, if you have a few cigarettes in a night, you’ll find yourself wanting one the next day. There’s actually a stale pack in your closet you could dig back into; it’s mostly full since you realized that you don’t really like cigarettes unless you’re partying.

Instead, chose a better tasing, no-strings-attached smoke. Get a pack of hemp CBD cigarettes for your next night out or camping trip. These are a great way to share a nice moment.

Smoking CBD: No High Necessary

Now that cannabis is more legal, growers have been able to openly innovate. They are growing high quality cannabis strains with high CBD and low THC. The CBD prerolls we sell on this site have below 0.3% THC and legal, which means you’re not going to be mixing a cannabis high with your alcohol buzz.

Instead, these smokes have CBD in them. We’re still learning what smoking CBD does; whatever benefits CBD has, smoking is obviously not a healthy way to ingest your CBD.

Smoking can be a sensual experience: the feeling in your chest, the smell, the taste, the breathing through it. If you’re shopping for hemp cigarettes, choose wisely to get the best quality flavor.

Hemp Cigarettes: Great Smell & Taste

High quality hemp cigarettes can smell and taste like cannabis. For many people, cannabis has a good aroma and flavor. That makes these hemp smokes especially delicious where it’s hard to get THC cannabis. Or, in situations where you don’t want to get high, but it would be nice to smoke a joint.

Good manufacturing processes matter when you’re seeking a premium experience. If people treat CBD flower like tobacco, it ends up like sawdust, dry and scratchy. Folks who treat the hemp flower like you would treat cannabis flower, with a certain amount of reverence for the bud, these folks can provide products preserving rich tastes and smells.

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Do CBD Cigarettes Help Quit Smoking?

CBD cigarettes are emerging as a popular alternative for long time smokers looking to quit their nicotine craving. Do CBD cigarettes help to quit smoking? Some folks enjoy the experience of smoking something, and now with cbd-rich hemp cigarettes , they have a high-quality, non-addictive, herbal smoke to help them kick their nicotine habit.

A Non-Addictive Herbal Smoke

Hemp CBD cigarettes offer the sensual pleasure of smoking: taking out a cylinder, rolling it between your fingers, holding it to your lips. If you take a dry inhale, before lighting it, your hemp cigarette might taste or smell a bit like cannabis. Ultimately, hemp cigarettes and cannabis joints are made from the same type of plant. But hemp cigarettes don’t get you high, so you can smoke them when you need to stay sharp.

Let’s say you turn to hemp cigarettes when the urge to smoke hits you. And instead of nicotine, your body could instead absorb some CBD. We’re still researching the effects of CBD on people.

CBD Cigarettes for Smoking Cessation

High quality hemp smokes offer rich flavor, the experience of smoking something, all in a non-addictive package. People across the hemp world hope smokable CBD can help with tobacco smoking cessation. If people are trying to quit smoking, but they want to keep smoking now and then, it’s good for those folks to have hemp cigarettes on-hand to reach for.

Also known as hempettes, some CBD cigarettes look just like cigarettes and come in a familiar 20 pack. Others brands look more like cannabis prerolls, rolled up in cone paper. Lucy’s Daydreamers are one example of a well-rolled CBD cone with no additives, just hemp. Whatever the format, both hemp cigarettes and CBD pre-rolls are a nicotine free and a viable option for smoking cessation.

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CBG Flower Prerolls


As hemp becomes increasingly legal, research on this plant will increase. There are many more cannabinoids coming. One recently discovered compound is called Cannabigerol, or CBG.

CBG is Not Psychoactive

CBG is like CBD: it doesn’t really get you high. Both CBD and CBG are not psychoactive.

Cannabis farmers & bioscientists are now experimenting with different seed stocks and lighting to coax up the CBG levels in their plants. Researchers and scientists are testing cannabinoids like cannabigerol for medical applications.

Smokeable flower high in CBG will offer another herbal alternative to tobacco. Smokable cannabigerol prerolls will make it convenient and flavorful to try this cannabinoid.

Some of the best hemp cigarette companies are now looking at CBG-making. We look forward to sharing quality CBG preroll and CBG hemp cigarettes with you!

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Hemp Cigarettes or CBD Prerolls?

LVL Hemp smoke comparison

What do we call these things?
As a new smokable product category emerges, we can witness the struggle to pick a name happening in real time.

With the passage of the Farm Bill in 2018, it became legal for US farmers to grow hemp. As the mountains of green stuff grew, the growers began searching for products they could make. There’s now a range of CBD & hemp lotions, salves, tinctures, gummies all available by mail.

But the flower itself that was grown was also good enough to be smoked. There was real flavor. So people began to attempt to capture that flavor in smokable products. The first hemp and CBD prerolls appeared – and began to be named. We’ve been collecting a range of product listings here at and we’ll share here what we’ve learned about the words people are using:

Smokable CBD Cigarettes

CBD stands for Cannabidiol and it’s part of the cannabis plant. Turns out you can breed a cannabis plant that has virtually 0% THC but plenty of CBD left over. And if you dry that plant, you could have smokable CBD flower, and you might make what you call CBD cigarettes. CBD cig might be used for short. We have not yet seen a CBD preroll, or a CBD joint advertised for sale.

Smokable Hemp Cigarettes

Other folks lean into the term hemp and call their smokes hemp pre-rolls. Lucy’s Daydreamer All-Natural Hemp Prerolls refer to themselves as a hemp cone cigarette.

Still other brands go a more proprietary route, hoping to coin a term that might come to describe the whole sector with their product at the forefront. For example, we’re seeing smokable hemp cigarettes referred to as Straights, or Hempettes, or Hemp Stix. We’ll keep an eye out for other emerging terminology to share with you here!

From our sources, the current most popular term seems to be hemp cigarettes, like the LVL Premium Hemp Cigarette products that we have in stock when we can keep them in stock.