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CBG Flower Prerolls


As hemp becomes increasingly legal, research on this plant will increase. There are many more cannabinoids coming. One recently discovered compound is called Cannabigerol, or CBG.

CBG is Not Psychoactive

CBG is like CBD: it doesn’t really get you high. Both CBD and CBG are not psychoactive. So that means you can smoke a nice CBG preroll and maybe feel calm, but you’re not more likely to get revved up on far-out ideas.

CBG does, however, show promise to relieve a number of conditions including inflammation, nausea, and loss of appetite during cancer treatment. Cannabis farmers & bioscientists are now experimenting with different seed stocks and lighting to coax up the CBG levels in their plants. Researchers and scientists are testing cannabinoids like cannabigerol for medical applications.

Smokeable flower high in CBG will offer another herbal alternative to tobacco. Smokable cannabigerol prerolls will make it convenient and flavorful to try this cannabinoid.

Some of the best hemp cigarette companies are now looking at CBG joint-making. We look forward to sharing quality CBG preroll and CBG hemp cigarettes with you!