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Do CBD Cigarettes Help Quit Smoking?

CBD cigarettes are emerging as a popular alternative for long time smokers looking to quit their nicotine craving. Do CBD cigarettes help to quit smoking? Some folks enjoy the experience of smoking something, and now with cbd-rich hemp cigarettes , they have a high-quality, non-addictive, herbal smoke to help them kick their nicotine habit.

A Non-Addictive Herbal Smoke

Hemp CBD cigarettes offer the sensual pleasure of smoking: taking out a cylinder, rolling it between your fingers, holding it to your lips. If you take a dry inhale, before lighting it, your hemp cigarette might taste or smell a bit like cannabis. Ultimately, hemp cigarettes and cannabis joints are made from the same type of plant. But hemp cigarettes don’t get you high, so you can smoke them when you need to stay sharp.

Let’s say you turn to hemp cigarettes when the urge to smoke hits you. And instead of nicotine, your body could instead absorb some CBD. We’re still researching the effects of CBD on people.

CBD Cigarettes for Smoking Cessation

High quality hemp smokes offer rich flavor, the experience of smoking something, all in a non-addictive package. People across the hemp world hope smokable CBD can help with tobacco smoking cessation. If people are trying to quit smoking, but they want to keep smoking now and then, it’s good for those folks to have hemp cigarettes on-hand to reach for.

Also known as hempettes, some CBD cigarettes look just like cigarettes and come in a familiar 20 pack. Others brands look more like cannabis prerolls, rolled up in cone paper. Lucy’s Daydreamers are one example of a well-rolled CBD cone with no additives, just hemp. Whatever the format, both hemp cigarettes and CBD pre-rolls are a nicotine free and a viable option for smoking cessation.