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Hemp Cigarettes: A Great-Tasting Smoke

LVL Hemp smoke share on a beach

Turns out alcohol and friends can make someone want to smoke something. Sometimes the ritual and time being huddled up with friends is more important than the act of smoking. Trouble is, reaching for a regular tobacco cigarette can lead to cravings and too much smoking. Now hemp cigarettes offer a pleasant, tasty smoke without the high of marijuana or the addictiveness of tobacco. The fear of missing out, (on the experience) should never be the reason a non-smoker tries tobacco.

Drinking & Smoking with Friends

Picture this: a few drinks with friends. Someone steps outside to have a smoke. You want to keep chatting with them, so you head out with them.

You enjoy smoking now and then, mostly on weekend nights. Trouble is, if you have a few cigarettes in a night, you’ll find yourself wanting one the next day. There’s actually a stale pack in your closet you could dig back into; it’s mostly full since you realized that you don’t really like cigarettes unless you’re partying.

Instead, chose a better tasing, no-strings-attached smoke. Get a pack of hemp CBD cigarettes for your next night out or camping trip. These are a great way to share a nice moment.

Smoking CBD: No High Necessary

Now that cannabis is more legal, growers have been able to openly innovate. They are growing high quality cannabis strains with high CBD and low THC. The CBD prerolls we sell on this site have below 0.3% THC and legal, which means you’re not going to be mixing a cannabis high with your alcohol buzz.

Instead, these smokes have CBD in them. We’re still learning what smoking CBD does; whatever benefits CBD has, smoking is obviously not a healthy way to ingest your CBD.

Smoking can be a sensual experience: the feeling in your chest, the smell, the taste, the breathing through it. If you’re shopping for hemp cigarettes, choose wisely to get the best quality flavor.

Hemp Cigarettes: Great Smell & Taste

High quality hemp cigarettes can smell and taste like cannabis. For many people, cannabis has a good aroma and flavor. That makes these hemp smokes especially delicious where it’s hard to get THC cannabis. Or, in situations where you don’t want to get high, but it would be nice to smoke a joint.

Good manufacturing processes matter when you’re seeking a premium experience. If people treat CBD flower like tobacco, it ends up like sawdust, dry and scratchy. Folks who treat the hemp flower like you would treat cannabis flower, with a certain amount of reverence for the bud, these folks can provide products preserving rich tastes and smells.