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Hemp Cigarettes or CBD Prerolls?

LVL Hemp smoke comparison

What do we call these things?
As a new smokable product category emerges, we can witness the struggle to pick a name happening in real time.

With the passage of the Farm Bill in 2018, it became legal for US farmers to grow hemp. As the mountains of green stuff grew, the growers began searching for products they could make. There’s now a range of CBD & hemp lotions, salves, tinctures, gummies all available by mail.

But the flower itself that was grown was also good enough to be smoked. There was real flavor. So people began to attempt to capture that flavor in smokable products. The first hemp and CBD prerolls appeared – and began to be named. We’ve been collecting a range of product listings here at and we’ll share here what we’ve learned about the words people are using:

Smokable CBD Cigarettes

CBD stands for Cannabidiol and it’s part of the cannabis plant. Turns out you can breed a cannabis plant that has virtually 0% THC but plenty of CBD left over. And if you dry that plant, you could have smokable CBD flower, and you might make what you call CBD cigarettes. CBD cig might be used for short. We have not yet seen a CBD preroll, or a CBD joint advertised for sale.

Smokable Hemp Cigarettes

Other folks lean into the term hemp and call their smokes hemp pre-rolls. Lucy’s Daydreamer All-Natural Hemp Prerolls refer to themselves as a hemp cone cigarette.

Still other brands go a more proprietary route, hoping to coin a term that might come to describe the whole sector with their product at the forefront. For example, we’re seeing smokable hemp cigarettes referred to as Straights, or Hempettes, or Hemp Stix. We’ll keep an eye out for other emerging terminology to share with you here!

From our sources, the current most popular term seems to be hemp cigarettes, like the LVL Premium Hemp Cigarette products that we have in stock when we can keep them in stock.