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Top 6 hemp cigarette brands on the market


An alternative to both tobacco and high-strength marijuana is now available in a new kind of smokable — hemp cigarettes.

Also known as hemp cigs or CBD pre-rolls, these hemp-filled joints serve a specific purpose for different types of smokers.

Consumers looking for nicotine cessation aids are using hemp cigs as a healthier substitute for tobacco and e-cigarettes.

CBD pre-rolls can help treat nicotine addiction simply by replacing tobacco as a remarkably less damaging form of smoking. Hemp cigs can initially replace the smoking ritual, while consistent doses of CBD can eventually help smokers quit tobacco altogether.

Adults who enjoy using legal cannabis can also use hemp cigarettes as a low-dose option. Legally produced hemp flower contains no more than 0.3% THC — just enough to produce an enjoyably mild sensation.

Hemp flower cigarettes are slowly becoming available in stores that carry CBD products. But anyone looking where to buy CBD hemp pre-rolls can simply order them from the comforts of home.

Many upcoming brands are sold online, and can be shipped to the majority of states that allow hemp distribution.

Here’s a list of the best hemp flower cigarette brands currently on the market.

Best tasting hemp cigarette: LVL Hemp

LVL Hemp is made exclusively with premium California smokable hemp flower. By using cannabis industry technology, LVL Hemp captures the  essence of high-grade strains while remaining under the legal THC limit.

Best hemp cig for light smokers: Lucy’s

Lucy’s packs big flavor in a miniature pre-rolled cone perfect for brief smoke sessions. Each pack includes 7 cigarettes wrapped in hemp paper, complete with a hemp fiber filter. Lucy’s are also 100% natural and biodegradable.

Best hemp cigarette for quitting tobacco: Shaboink Posty OG

This pack of smokes features a branded partnership between grammy-award winning musician Post Malone and the legendary cannabis breeder, Sherbinski’s. Posty OG’s are just right to replace habitual smoking rituals. Each box features cigarette-style packaging with pre-rolls resembling tobacco cigarettes — filter and all.

Best hemp cigarette to smoke in public: Plain Jane

Plain Jane hemp cigs are best for smokers concerned with the offensive smell that usually accompanies the act. Each preroll is rolled into a filtered rice paper using their trademark brand of smooth, near odorless, all natural hemp.

Hemp cigarette with the most variety: Bhang Straights

While the quality of Bhang Straights is similar to those listes, they stand out for their plethora of options. This hemp cig line includes a GDP Mota pack for those who prefer the taste of cannabis, a 1914 Kentucky Blue pack for tobacco smokers, and a box of ERB Durban Menthols for a crisp finish.

Best value hemp cig: Wild Hemp

For many people, a simple hemp cigarette does the trick. These pre-rolls feature an acetate filter and choice hemp testing at 0% THC — all at a price lower than any brand mentioned.